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22 November 1985
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My name is Josh, I am 22, I live in New Port Richey FL and I am a male nanny. I also do karaoke/DJing on the side with my equipment but I am strictly smalltime with that. I come from a big family which has some drama but even more love and as a result I am a very family oriented person. Born in New York, raised in South Florida, moved to the Tampa area of Florida two years ago and it has brought me much adventure. I love the Beatles and have done many Beatles related projects. I am a comic book geek who has been collecting since I was 11, but unlike most fans I know the difference between the real world and comics. I like old school video games (Super Mario World ftw). I love my DVR and I attend classes at Pasco Hernando Community College.

Hopefully I'll remember to edit this information before it becomes outdated.

Interesting in meeting some interesting people, maybe even some local ones.